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Can you do custom orders? Can you make other sizes?

Yes, we can make custom orders. EX: Want a bag made from another fabric that you see in the shop? Please, ask away. Some fabrics are available in abundance but some are limited.

Please allow plenty of time for your order to be completed. We frequently have other orders and events we attend, so time may be a factor. Prices will vary depending on materials and labor.

For made-to-order pillows we list the most common sizes that are purchased but we may be able to make other sizes depending on how much yardage is available. Ready-made pillows can be made smaller but not bigger.

Why do you sell pillow cases without pillows already included?

I encourage customers to buy pillow inserts locally because it will probably be more cost effective for you. Pillow cases are flat and much easier to ship, especially internationally. Also, when we attend comicons, there are frequently people who need to get on planes and carry items in their luggage. This makes small, flat pillow cases ideal. Covers are also much easier to care for when washing.

Pillows can be added to your cart >here< 

Are there any special care instructions?

Wash colors separately and in cool water. For cottons, iron on a warm or cotton setting and do not iron graphics. Fleece should never be ironed. Blankets and quilts have the best results with line drying. Wall hangings will last longer when they are spot cleaned and do not hang in direct sunlight. Cloaks should be dry cleaned.

What is the difference between a blanket and a quilt?

A blanket will not have any stitching through the main body. You can pull the fabric pieces away from each other in the center. Blankets may or may not have batting in the middle but usually do not. Batting is the extra layer in the center which can be made from cottons, polyester, or blends. Quilts will have some form of thread throughout the project to keep the layers together. These may be tied knots or stitched lines. Quilts typically have blocks pieced together however, can be whole pieces of cloth.

I saw XX in your booth at an event but it's not on the website, can I still get it?

We frequently bring new items to events before going through the process of taking pictures and creating listings. Please contact me with a description of the item and I'll let you know.