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About Us

No Capes Store Grandma Portrait

My youngest baby photos are of me with a blanket my great-grandmother knit me. I have another photo of years later where it's just a rag of yarn. My grandmother gave everyone in the family quilts and then continued to do so through her great grandchildren including my daughter. My grandmother is now legally blind and can no longer sew. She is the true matriarch of our expanding family. Don't feel bad for her though, at 89 years she is still parasailing, and traveling the world! She is the awesome grandma. Above is a fabric portrait that I made for her birthday. Fabric has been in my family for many generations.

I love doing my own holiday shopping at local events. A couple of years ago I started bringing my handcrafted items to markets and festivals. It was great to meet all of the people and talk with them. Whether it's chatting about fandoms or sewing, I love hearing about many different perspectives. 

No Capes Store outside booth

I've listed my items online to sell during the off-peak season. I also have a blog where I get to ramble about things I'm working on. Now, my daughter and I have been getting booths at ComiCons which is a huge blast. There's nothing like people watching at a convention. One of our favorite things is to figure out what fandom each cosplay is from. 

No Capes Store Inside booth

So, when you see us, please stop by and say, "Hi!" Let us know what your favorite fandom is and why.